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About: is a free, open source, temporary pastebin and file hosting service. We offer our service for no charge.

Source Code is Available Here

Who's Behind This? was completely written by Max Bridgland. He's a QA Engineer with a knack for making random side projects. He has plenty of them. In fact I'm Max. I made psty because a pastebin service I had used for years shut down and archived. Well I decided I'd make my own but put a slight spin on it. From that was born. I've somewhat pivoted the application to also offer file hosting. Everything is Open Source and easily implementable on your own app if you'd like a pasting/file hosting frontend for an internal project.

What is different about

Unlike pastebin sites that just offer pastebin services and file sharing sites that only offer filesharing, does both, and does it well. The interface is extremely simple and easy to use. Everything is right in front of you all you have to do is fill it in with your paste or file and click a button or two. Another differentiator is that offers themes for the paste that you share. There are over 89 themes and 159 languages supported for syntax highlighting!


Due to the fact we are offering a free service we do have some rate-limits on our API in order to handle bandwidth better. This rate-limit will limit you to one upload per minute. You can unlock unlimited rate-limiting by contacting us through e-mail and discussing a business plan based on how much traffic you will be generating from your servers. You can contact us through E-Mail at [email protected].

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